Are Your Rates Negotiable?

We'd love to hear about your project or your shoot but we list our rates for a reason. Comparatively, we're priced at about 50% of the cost of spaces with similar size and even less natural light. Keep in mind we're also offering over $50,000 in studio equipment which saves you money and time. 

All Access vs Full Day?

All access will grant you a Drift Studio concierge for the day who can assist you throughout (ie: take out trash, make coffee, etc). You also will get the studio space until 9pm instead of 6pm. 

Do you offer multi-day rates or discounts?

Yes! Please contact us for rates for multiple day bookings. 

Can you host my wedding?

Yes! But you really should check out our space before deciding if that's something you want to do or not! 

Notes on Special Events

  • Space can host a Maximum 150 Guests (Standing) (including event staff). 
  • We do not have a liquor license nor does our building. You must obtain your OWN liquor license in order to serve or distribute hard liquor. We have a permission note from our landlord that will aid your process in obtaining a license. Beer and Alcohol may be served. 
  • You must apply for and provide proof of insurance. 
  • We do not have a range or oven. 
  • Events past 6pm incur an automatic $150.00/hr Elevator Fee. This is not our doing. Our building makes us pay this. #sadface
  • In order to host an event, you must provide your own set up crew. We will provide cleanup at no additional charge.
  • At this time, we are not accepting sponsorship or advertising space in exchange for space usage. 

Why are you closed on Sundays?

  • The passenger elevator in our building does not open until 12pm and closes at 6pm.
  • The freight elevator does not operate on Sundays.

*Note: we do make exceptions for shoots on Sundays. Please contact us for details. 


What is your "HOLD" policy?

In order to hold a photo / video production, a confirmation agreement must be filled out with credit card details. Events require a 50% deposit to hold.